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stock cars是一款相当不错的手机刺激赛车游戏。进入游戏世界后我们就将选择自己的喜爱的座驾进行赛道狂奔大作战。游戏玩法体验相当刺激趣味,出色的画风和简单的游戏玩啊让人过目难忘,喜欢就速速下载试玩吧。

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Stock Cars 3.4.14 更新

-Fixed missing steering arrows on Advanced Touch Controls
-Fixed issues with Paintshop changes not applying
-Fixed some bugs causing stutters on startup, quitting and entering races
-American 400 and National 500 tracks returned to original 5 lap races and 10 for Ladder mode
-Fixed some connection issues with multiplayer races
-Fixed some bugs in the tuning menus
-Fixed some sounds getting stuck on
-UI bug fixes

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休闲 3.4.14 2020-07-14